Why Recycle

Why Recycle? A household can be far more dangerous than most businesses.  Why is this? Because households put most of their chemicals in one area, whether that is under the kitchen sink, hallway closet, or in the garage.  These chemicals accumulate over many years and may have containers that are degrading and not safe.  When one container fails another may soon follow causing a mixture that could result in a fire and/or an unsafe atmosphere.

Over the years we have had customers who have purchased homes which had leaking acid containers in the attic, charcoal liquid containers which melted due to Texas heat, old fertilizers, in deteriorating bags, stored over flammables, and many other scenarios.  It is best to only keep the chemicals you use on a frequent basis, instead of a collage of chemicals you no longer use.

We see many chemicals that are no longer sold such as DDT, Chlordane, Malathion, Diazinon, and certain pool chemicals.  These chemicals have been removed from the market due to the ability to cause damage to the environment and also the potential hazards they contain.  When was the last time you looked at the chemicals in your House?


I like my water crystal clean, but discarded oil produces an awful sheen

I like my air fresh like the flowers of May, but landfill odors take my breath away

I like my food as designed by nature, but chemicals destroy the soils future

I like my sky to have full view, but smog produces a terrible cloudy spew

I don’t like to recycle but because of my likes I must make time to recycle!


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