Weather Warning

Weather Warning for this week. Please call before coming 512-864-3240.

Updates: 6:45 AM Saturday, August 26, 2017 after looking at the advisory, warnings, and radars we have elected to shut our facility down today. There is no reason to take a chance with chemicals when everything appears to show today will progressively get worse. God bless you and keep you safe.

We are currently monitoring the weather and will take appropriate measure to insure chemicals are handled in a safe and professional manner.

By Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) regulations we must, for safety and regulatory purposes in order to protect the general public and recycle center personnel from accidents, releases, and other incidences while maintaining regulatory compliance, have a plan for inclement weather,  PA-jer Company has determined inclement weather conditions that may temporarily suspend and/or cancelled HHW collection activities at the Williamson County Recycle Center may included, but are not limited to:
1.         Extreme temperatures that exceed 102˚F and/or heat index greater than 110˚F;
2.         Extreme temperatures below 32˚F and/or chill factor forecast below 25˚F;
3.         Wind gust and/or wind speeds that exceed 35 mph;
4.         Rain, frozen rain or sleet; and,
5.         Snow, ice and/or snow/ice accumulation.
This is our normal policy without the potential for hurricanes making landfall.

The Meteorologist are currently trying to accurately predict what scenarios are most likely to play out. This morning we have seen a shift in commentary from a tropical storm making landfall to the potential of a hurricane. They are also showing probable models of the landfall coming towards Austin, Texas. The rainfall potentials have changed from 3 inches to possibly 8 inches with no way to predict the time line of how much and when. We are trying to be as prepared as possible while still assisting our customers. At this time we are not scheduling any closures but we want our customers to know that there is a potential for closures Friday and Saturday of this week.

I will keep this weather warning post updated with the latest information on any closures under the above area titled update. Please check back frequently for the latest updates. Thank you for your patience and understanding. While we need rain I don’t believe this was the method any of us were hoping for.

News sources :
KXAN – Hurricane Harvey expected Category 3
KVUE – Harvey expected to make landfall as a major hurricane
FOX7 – Weather Facts:Hurricane intensity level
CBSAustin – National Hurricane Center: Harvey to be ‘major hurricane’ when it approaches Texas coast

Weather Warning

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