Used Oil, Oil Filters, and Antifreeze-Coolant

Used Oil, Oil Filters, and Antifreeze-Coolant we have always accepted at the facility. These items have always fluctuate in the cost/profit we have seen. We have accepted clean used oil free of charge since we opened as a customer service however with the recent change in price of oil our vendor is having to reexamine his business model. We have received two different letters in the past 60 days concerning Used Oil, Oil Filters and Antifreeze-Coolant. In the last letter we were notified that we will not receive any money for the used oil but if the price continues to drop we will be charged for these items. We have never made money on used oil considering the cost of handling and operating, yet it was good for the community for us to accept these items for free and minimal amounts on Oil Filters and Antifreeze. Our vendor is seeing an industry wide shift in how business is operating. They are currently picking up more oil then they have ever picked up before with the price per gallon barely allowing for their bills to be met. This happens because many companies would send trucks from Waco or San Antonio into the Austin area to pick up oil, it is no longer feasible for these companies to drive that far with limited return per gallon. There are two primary methods of using used oil, first send it to Houston to be blended and used for a spec 6 fuel, or secondly to be used in asphalt plants. With the weather as it has been the asphalt plants have not been using used oil, and the Houston facilities are inundated with used oil. This allows for the Houston facilities to be in a buyer market and become extremely picky about each load to reduce how much they spend per tanker truck. The market value of oil has fallen drastically and we have all seen the benefit at the pump however when you are reselling oil this is not a benefit.

As of today we can no longer accept these items as we have in the past. We have instituted a $0.50 per pound charge on Used Oil, $1.25 per Filter, and the Coolant will remain at $5.00 per gallon. We apologize for the inconvenience however as prices change we will adjust the price accordingly. We are hopeful that this is a temporary increase however this is not something we can control. We will continue, as we have always, to give the community an option for recycling Used Oil, Oil Filters, and Antifreeze-Coolant. If you live in Cedar Park, Leander, Liberty Hill, Jarrell, Taylor, Round Rock or another city that does not have a voucher program with us, contact your City Council and let them know you would utilize a voucher program with us.

Used Oil, Oil Filters, and Antifreeze (Coolant)

Used Oil, Oil Filters, and Antifreeze (Coolant)

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