Transporting Chemicals

Transporting Chemicals during a Texas Summer can sometimes have complications. Please remember that flammable liquids when heated can swell and the containers may start leaking. Even the best of containers can be negatively affected if enough vapor pressurizes the container. This is especially true if you keep flammable items in a cool area and then load them in the back of a vehicle for an extended time during the heat of the day. Please ensure chemicals that may leak or are being transported are secured in a manner that they will not leak or spill in the vehicle. Williamson County Recycle Center (WCRC) tries to ensure that all material is safely handled and this starts with how you load, secure and transport chemicals.  On our website is a guideline for transporting chemicals, please take a minute to review before transporting chemicals.

We have had a customer bring a container of charcoal lighter fluid whose top had melted and swore it was caused by being in a stainless still container on his back porch in the West sun. We have also had customers who have not secured their chemicals and a during transportation the containers have been compromised.  This has lead to both vehicles being damaged and a potential to impact the environment.

WCRC personnel have in the past attempted to clean to the best of our ability damaged vehicles however this does not mean the vehicles were not impacted. It is best if we can work with individuals before hand to ensure the chemicals arrive in a safe manner with no negative impact. When transporting chemicals you should always ensure your and your families safety. Accidents take seconds to happen and accidents can and should be prevented.  If you have any questions please contact us. We will always discuss how to safely transport chemicals.

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