The Year 2016

The Year 2016 brings new things and blessing to many of us. For us it marks the Tenth year of business for Williamson County Recycle Center (WCRC) and all the relations we have built during that time. We have been blessed with great relationships and a business that has thrived and done very well despite those who said it could never work. This past year brought many new faces to WCRC both with customers and also employees. We are, after ten years, still the only privately owned Household Hazardous Waste Facility in the State of Texas. We are also constantly looking at new opportunities. We have been contacting MUD’s and cities about possible vouchers programs and encourage each of you to contact your local government about a possible voucher program.

We have resuse items inventoried Monday – Wednesday and are available Thursday – Saturday. Reuse is the best method for handling chemicals. This allows for a chemical to be used for its intended purpose instead of disposal. For example Muratic Acid if it does not go to reuse than it would be neutralized and use for a cooling water. While this is a better option than improper disposal, it is still not the intended purpose. It is much better for somebody to use it for pH balance in a pool or as a concrete cleaner. Please come to our facility and shop for cleaners, paints, fertilizers, poisons, and other chemicals.

We are currently looking at new opportunities and new ventures to better assist our customers and also provide easier access to responsible Household Hazardous Waste disposal. If you have a contact for your city or MUD please forward our information to them and theirs to us. We would be pleased to speak with your representative about the benefits a Voucher Program offers. We save citizens time and money with our services.

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