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Reuse Items needed? Williamson County Recycle Center primary focus is for items we receive to be reused or recycled.  While this is a goal, it is also what we do.  We have historically sent approximately 80%of received items to some form of reuse or recycle.  If you are looking for an item please stop by our facility and see what we have on our shelves.  This changes weekly based upon what is coming in and going out.

We started on Thursday August 14, 2014 with reuse items such as oil, paint thinners, and Ortho – Weed B Gon filling our shelves.  At this point in the week(Saturday, August 16, 2014) we have 2 containers of oil, no paint thinner or Weed B Gon left.  This is a good thing for both our goal and also for the community.  We are saving households money on reuse items that they can better spend for their family.  It is crucial in environmental that we be great stewards of what has been given and handed down from our Creator and the previous generations.

We see many items that have never been used or slightly used like aerosol paint, fertilizer, Miracle Grow, Medina, 409, Pledge, and CLR. If you have a chemical in your house, then we have probably seen it come through.  We have been shocked at the amount of dishwasher and hand soap we have seen.  While some of the items come from individuals who are cleaning up we also have a large percentage of individuals who are moving and can not put chemicals on a moving truck.

Thank you for supporting us by bring chemicals into our facility but also by picking up so many reuse items! Anybody can shop at our facility however if you live in an area that does not have a voucher system with us please talk to your city/county about setting this up.  This way you can drop items off without a charge.

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