Recycling for a Better Tomorrow

Recycling for a better tomorrow starts with each of us. When we opened Williamson County Recycle Center we decided that part of our corporate give back program would be a place for all citizens to recycle ordinary recyclables.  At the time there was not a place in Williamson County that accepted most items for free.

We elected to give citizens a free option for recyclables, to insure those with a desire the opportunity.  At the time, in the fall of 2006, we did not have any guidelines but we had an outlet for plastics, paper, cardboard, chip board, newspaper, and metal products.  After our first Christmas we were inundated with dishes that were half to three-quarters full of food products.  Thus,  our guidelines came about.  Our primary focus is chemicals and we can not have a facility that is dirty or has a rodent issue.

In 2007 we released our first version of our recyclable guidelines. We continue to accept ordinary recyclables for free at our facility and constantly look for opportunities that may expand the items we accept.  We ask that Type 1 plastics be segregated by itself, Type 2 by itself, Type 5 by itself, and black no matter type by itself.  We have people as far away as Burnet that bring recyclables to our facility. We do not accept Styrofoam, or glass currently.

If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 512-864-3240.  We look forward to many more years of serving our community, neighbors, and friends.  We also accept chemicals however there is a charge for this service. Please see our price list for charges and a list of chemicals accepted.

Recycling for a better tomorrow, leaves the world a better place then we found it.

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