Voucher Programs

Voucher programs allow citizens to use our facility without paying or only paying limited amounts. Different from one day events, this allows for a safer collection event and less time spent waiting in long lines. Typical wait time at our facility is less than 15 minutes, whereas with one day events you may wait as much as three hours. Material is also less likely to have a negative impact on the environment due to accidents, spills, or other releases of material. How often has your community held a one day event when you missed it?

Our facility is and has been a cheaper alternative to one day events. Typically a one day(four hours) event will cost Taxpayers $125 dollars per vehicle.  Most of this cost is in the mobilization of personnel and not in the disposal of chemicals.  A permanent facility has an average cost of $65.00 per vehicle allowing better use of taxpayer money, instead of government waste.

This is a one day event, typically in a parking lot, side of the road, limited protection against spills, contamination, or human negligence.

And then you have Permanent facilities with improved security, environmental protections, built for the purpose.

We are located centrally in Williamson County and also accept chemicals from Bell, Burnet, Milam, and Travis County.  Citizens have driven from Bruceville-Eddy, Smithville, Kingsland, etc to dispose of Household Chemicals.  We have also assisted citizens as far away as Van Zandt county by finding options for their chemicals.

One of the best ways for citizens to get a voucher program started in their City, HOA, MUD, or some other entity is to contact your elected officials.  Elected officials may not know their citizens would be willing to use our facility or they may not know there are other options.  We hear countless complaints about one day events. Those who have been to both our facility and a one day event prefer the speed, service, and customer service they receive at Williamson County Recycle Center.

Here is a list of different City Councils and board pages, if you do not see yours let us know and we will add them.

City of Cedar Park Council
City of Leander Council
City of Liberty Hill Council
City of Round Rock Council
City of Jarrell Council
City of Taylor Council
City of Granger Council
Block House MUD
Brushy Creek MUD

For more information please call Hugh K. Tidwell at 512-869-7287 or you can visit our Contact Us page and submit a comment.

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