If you do not live within an area where we have a voucher program then you are responsible for the cost of the service.  We currently have a voucher program with Georgetown and Hutto and are always looking to expand to cities, counties, MUD’s and SUD’s.  Williamson County Recycle Center is a privately owned venture and unlike government facilities we do not receive tax funding. This price list* is an Excel spreadsheet, you can download it, and it will automatically calculate the cost as you put in quantities, if you do not have access to a computer while looking at your chemicals you can print this Customer_Price_List*.pdf and manually calculate the associated costs. There are some items that may not be listed on the prices page.  These items tend to be rare items we seldom see and may be priced based upon current pricing from the disposal facilities.

We do not accept smoke detectors, gas cylinders, explosives, pharmaceuticals, or bio-waste.  If you have one of these items call us and we will assist you with options.  Our phone number is 512-864-3240./object >

*Our price list is posted online for your convenience however from time to time there are changes to our prices.  These changes tend to be rare and are typically driven by our vendors increasing prices.  The prices online are for estimates only and for exact prices you should contact us at 512-864-3240.  We reserve the right to change prices.

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