Paint and Flammable Items

Paint and Flammable Items:
People are always asking us what we do with items that come through the facility.  Hopefully this will make it easier to understand.  Williamson County Recycle Center has the following priorities for material: Reuse, Recycle, Fuels blending, incineration, landfill, etc. Any item in the original container with a legible label or otherwise be readily identified can be given out for reuse.


Any item that falls into a highly flammable (BTU) classification, that is not reused, we send to a cement kiln.  This is a picture of a cement kiln owned by TXI, however we typically utilize facilities in Tennessee and Kentucky which manufacture clinker.  Clinker is the base material used in cement and is produced by sintering (heating up and making a common mass) limestone and clay.

IMG_20140226_104208_156 IMG_20140226_104226_545


We accept Latex/Oil based paints, thinners, solvents, gas, diesel and other high BTU (British Thermal Unit) material.  Once this material is accepted we place it on a pallet segregated by the person who delivered it.  Then Monday-Wednesday we open and inspect each container to determine if the material is still good for reuse.  This material if it is good can be picked up, free of charge for use by both households and commercial entities.  If the material is not good or if it has been on our shelves for to long we bulk the material into 275 Gallon totes (water-based items) and 55 Gallon Drums (flammable material).

The empty containers and lids from this process, we then send to recycling.


Metal Recycling Bin



Plastic Recycling


If you need any free items please come by and see what we might have.




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