Jean Lean Gerome Painting (1899)

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.  In observation of being thankful to our Creator and the many blessings that have been poured upon...
Full Time Environmental Technician

Job Posting

Job Posting Summary PA-jer Company/Williamson County Recycle Center is looking for a self-motivated individual who looks forward to learning new things. We own the...
Household Chemicals Fertilizer, poisons, bug spray, dog shampoo.

Household Chemicals

Household chemicals, those items that create challenges. Here are some tips for you.  If you have questions call us or e-mail us. MOVING: Are...
Moving, Buying, Selling, and Preparing for your new Adventure

Real Estate Guide to Chemicals

Real Estate Guide to Chemicals Moving, Buying, Selling, and Preparing for your new Adventure!  Moving –Real Estate Guide to Chemicals When your movers arrive...
Florescent Bulb Recylcing

Fluorescent Bulb Recycling

Fluorescent Bulb Recycling from a Household is something Williamson County Recycle Center can help you with.  We accept all types of bulbs from households...
We take old paint!

Where to take old paint?

Where to take old paint? Williamson County Recycle Center takes old paint and we actively advertises in Bell, Burnet, Milam, Travis and Williamson Counties....

Radioactive Smoke Detectors

Radioactive smoke detectors? Homes have many hazards in them and radioactive material is just another item.  Households upon seeing the symbol for radioactive or reading...
Earth day
May 19, 2016
Full Time Environmental Technician
Jean Lean Gerome Painting (1899)
Computer Recycling

Computer Recycling

Computer recycling has helped reduce contamination of third world countries and landfills. When Williamson County Recycle Center first opened we accepted Electronic Waste (E-Waste) for...

Take Back Program
RIP Mr. Steven Ragsdale
Florescent Bulb Recylcing

Transporting Chemicals

Transporting Chemicals during a Texas Summer can sometimes have complications. Please remember that flammable liquids when heated can swell and the containers may start...