Memorial Day 2018

Memorial Day 2018 we will be closed Saturday May 26, 2018 in observation of all the soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Our freedom comes at a great price paid by many families who have lost a loved one to early. A loved one who will no longer be there for birthdays, holidays, special moments and sometimes for the birth of their child. It is a price that has no monetary value but leaves clefts upon the hearts and souls of their family. It leaves their brothers and sisters in arms with a heart ache that is remembered forever and visions of things that they can never forget. Take a moment to tip your hat, say a prayer, and remember those who have given their all, while remembering the families who have also greatly suffered. God Bless our military and their families. We love you and appreciate all you have done for our country and continue to do for our country.

Memorial Day 2018 marks the 152st year of remembering, placing flowers, and flags on the graves of soldiers. It was originally called Decoration Day and was started by union soldiers to remember the fallen soldiers of the Civil War. The birthplace of “Memorial day” is attributed to Waterloo, New York where on May 5, 1866 the community remembered those who had fallen in the Civil War. It wasn’t until 1868 that the tradition was more wide-spread on the last Monday of May. With the passing of time and the fact there was also a day when the confederates soldiers were remember it wasn’t until after World War I that we begin to remember soldiers of all wars on the same day. In 1971 the United States Congress passed legislation declaring the last Monday of May a Federal Holiday.

It was not an act of congress that inspired this moment but the act of the people who inspired congress. This Memorial Day 2018 remember the true cost of freedom, remember the soldiers and families who have given their all, and remember that if it wasn’t for their sacrifice we would not have this great Nation of the United States of America.

God Bless America, our Soldiers and their families. Say a prayer for the families who have paid the ultimate price.

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