Labor Day Weekend 2015

Labor Day Weekend we will be closed on September 5, 2015. This labor day look around you and celebrate what your hands have created and done. We have all contributed to the success of America and it is up to us to keep Her strong and beautiful. While politics may blow their winds upon discussions, we each must keep the goal of America being strong and prosperous as a value close to our hearts.

We have a history of doing great things in America and these great things have changed the world. Texans in particular have contributed across the world and are known as Texans. We have built structures that nobody thought would stand, such as the Astrodome when first constructed. We have had men such as Red Adair who changed the thoughts of oil well fires and put out fires that no other person would have tried. Audie Murphy the most decorated soldier of WWII. It was, that in a time of need, they rose to the circumstances and made a difference. Each of us at some point in life must rise to the occasion and make a difference and it is this, that distinguishes us.

Thank you for your service and the contributions to our great country.  Enjoy this Labor Day Weekend with your family.

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