June Training Closure

June training closure will occur on Saturday June 9, 2018. To keep up our safety awareness and updated on the latest information we must attend classes on an annual basis. For some of our training we use the National Spill School in Corpus Christi, not only do they have staff up to date on what is going on in industry they have people from all over the world that attend. It is a great way to keep your knowledge sharp while also learning different things world-wide. WCRC and our parent company have been blessed with a wonderful track record for both compliance and also accidents. We strive to keep these two records in tact for the future. This is done in multiple ways. First education, training and practice with employees, second education of the public,and third through being ever vigilant of what is going on around us. Please take time to visit our Transportation Guidelines before bringing chemicals to our facility.

The June training closure is for our HAZWOPER (Supervisor/refresher) course

This course has been designed to fulfill the non-site specific offsite Hazwoper training requirements for supervisory personnel working on CERCLA sites, major corrective actions at RCRA sites, and for all other management level personnel requiring training in accordance with 29 CFR 1910.1220(e)(4).  This course is usually offered on the Saturday following the 40-Hour OSHA/RCRA Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Training course.

Upon successful completion of the course, each student will receive a Certificate of Satisfactory Completion from the National Spill Control School, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi.

Classroom Topics
• Site Surveillance and Assessment
• Enforcement and Liabilities
• Incident Command System
• Hazardous Waste Classification and Identification, Public Information Releases, and Media Communication
• Emergency Response Planning
• Follow-Up Investigation
• Site Safety Plan Development
• Training Requirements
• Regulatory Contacts and Other Sources of Information
• Waste Disposal Alternatives
• Documentation, Notification and Reporting Release Incidence
• Environmental Terminology

National Spill School – Texas A&M Corpus Christi

All of our full-time, PA-jer Company, personnel  are trained to supervisor levels giving them extra information and able to handle any situation. This is not a regulatory requirement but another item we have internally set as a higher bar, for success. We want our company to always strive for more information and to be ready for anything no matter what might occur. Our personnel are trained in terrorism response, chemical knowledge, USDOT/EPA/TCEQ/OSHA regulation, and emergency response. We are constantly striving to improve the knowledge we have to limit the potential for accidents while improving the environment and our services.  Our June training closure is vital to our goal of providing the best services possible.

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