Household Chemicals

Household chemicals, those items that create challenges. Here are some tips for you.  If you have questions call us or e-mail us.


Are you moving? There are so many household chemicals that you cannot put in the trash or load on the moving van.We are the answer to your problem. If you live in Georgetown or Hutto and pay city utilities you can pick up a voucher and bring your household chemicals to us and the city will pay the cost. Also we are looking at starting a curbside pickup program. If you are interested please let your city council know.


If you are purchasing a home please be aware of the items in the garage, closets or attics before you sign the contract. The person selling that home should be the person to bring those chemicals to our facility and if they are not eligible for a voucher they will need to pay for that cost. If it is a new home beware of contractors leaving paint for touch up projects. Seldom do we hear of the paint left being used. Which means the new owner ends up having to dispose of it.


Sometimes we walk out to our garages and realize we cannot get in the garage due to the paint, pool chemicals, fertilizer, poison, cleaning supplies, oil, coolant, & the list goes on.

Household Chemicals, Filters, motor oil, peanut oil, coolant.

Filters, motor oil, peanut oil, coolant.

Household Chemicals Fertilizer, poisons, bug spray, dog shampoo.

Fertilizer, poisons, bug spray, dog shampoo.


Take a minute to go look and see what you have you can use before purchasing more. Visit our price list here, it tells you what the cost are. We also have a transportation guidelines  which will help you safely transport items to our facility. If you bring something to our facility and it is something that you can safely dispose of we will tell you how to do that. By the way these are items we do not take: explosives, gas cylinders, radioactive, bio waste, and pharmaceutic.

We have an incredible reuse program. Household Chemicals which come in, that are in the original container, with a legible label, and you can still buy you can shop for free. FREE, yes, FREE. If you are looking for something call us and see if we have it.  We will put your name on it and set it back for you.

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