WCRC is the only privately owned facility in Texas.



History: In 2001, our parent company, PA-jer Company started receiving phone calls from households looking for disposal options.  We decided to track phone calls and see if the interest was great enough to open up a facility and if people would be willing to pay for the disposal of chemicals.  In 2003, after tracking phone calls, we decided to speak with TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) about the possibility of opening the first, privately owned, Household Hazardous facility in the State of Texas.  Staff at TCEQ were excited that a private business would be interested in trying such a venture, and we were given a contact in the small business section to assist with the process.

We were cautious in the planning stages and understood that being the first meant one of two things to us,  we would either be the pattern for the future or we would be an example of what not to do.  We wanted to be the pattern for the future, so in early 2006 we began the process of discussing, designing, and constructing our facility. Utilizing the unique background of each of our company owners we built a building that ensured the safety of our employees, customers, and the environment. Our building is elevated above the center of the road, so we would never have an issue with flooding. It also includes a sunken floor, transfer areas with a steel grates embedded and grounded for the transfer of flammables from one container to another,etc. We also spoke with the commissioners to avoid a conflict long term between county operations and ourselves.  At the time the County held one day collections anywhere from once every 2 years to once a year with no set pattern.  The county did not have an interest in being in the household hazardous chemical business.

Since that time we have assisted customers from as far away as Bruceville-Eddy, Smithville, Van Zandt County, and Kingsland. We have been very pleased with the way citizens from all over have received our facility, and thank each and every one of you.

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