Facility Closure – Jerry Stanfield Memorial Services

Facility Closure – Jerry Stanfield Memorial Services Thursday June 8, 2017. We will close at 3:00

A good and great man was lost one week ago, Jerry Stanfield. Many in Williamson county knew him as their vet, some as a neighbor, some by reputation, and the lucky ones as family whether by blood or acceptance. He had a twinkle in his eye, and the great art of finding humor in most things. First time I was blessed with meeting him was as a young boy of 3 when my dad moved us to Georgetown and we became neighbors with Mr. Stanfield. My sister rode the bus with his son to school in Georgetown. We had horses and Dr. Stanfield was the vet we called. No matter what  the problem was you could always count on a honest and straight answer from him.

Years went by and we all got older. My sister was setup on a date with Jerry’s son, Glenn, and a single date blossomed into him proposing and marrying my sister, Marissa. Over the next decade plus we have shared time with Jerry, from family events to hunting and fishing. I never recall a time when I saw him upset. Even when his dog locked him out of his truck, he found humor in the situation. He was a son, husband, father, grand father, friend, and a source of wisdom.

I have been blessed to know a man who was good and wanted the best for people. A man who didn’t mind pulling a joke on somebody and always enjoyed a good joke pulled on him. A heart of gold, a helping hand, a soft spoken word, and the God honest truth to those around him. God Bless you, Doc and have a great journey.

For more information on the Memorial service visit here

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