Earth Day is Coming…

Earth Day is Coming…What Does That Mean and How Can I Help?

Each year communities around the globe celebrate Earth Day on April 22 to bring awareness to environmental concerns.  Have you ever wondered what Earth day is or how it came about?  Or more importantly, is there something that you could do to help?  Well then, let me help you out.  Earth Day was established in 1970 by an idea from Gaylord Nelson, then a US senator from Wisconsin.  In 1969, Nelson witnessed a substantial oil spill in California and wanted to bring awareness to the damage we were doing to our environment.  But how could he spread the word of neglect and teach people the importance of preserving our environment?  He became inspired by anti-war protest of students and developed the brilliant idea to leverage that passion to develop a “national teach-in on the environment”.  This resulted in 20 million Americans rallying from coast to coast on April 22, 1970 to talk about the importance of a healthy, sustainable environment.  This was the birth of Earth Day.  Since 1970, multiple Acts have been created to help protect our environment, thousands of environmental groups have formed, and awareness has been front and center worldwide.

Today, we continue to celebrate Earth Day around the world and need to remember the importance of preserving our environment for generations to come.  Improper disposal of household chemicals continues to occur 46 years after our first Earth Day.  You may be asking yourself, but how can I help?  You may not be able to organize or participate in a rally, but you can help by simply being aware and changing a habit.  Have you ever thrown a bucket of paint in the trash? Or cleaning supplies, pesticides (like ant killer), or batteries in the trash?  You may be amazed by the amount of household items that can damage our environment if not disposed of properly.  The Williamson County Recycling Center was established in 2006 because of local residents being aware.  Our parent company, PA-jer Company, starting receiving calls from residents searching for a place to dispose of their household chemicals properly.  Unfortunately at the time, there was nowhere in Central Texas for resident to properly dispose of these items.  We heard the need, and developed the Williamson County Recycle Center.  Since opening our doors in 2006 we have disposed of approximately 500,000 pounds of household chemicals.  That is half a million pounds of chemicals that our facility alone has prevented from affecting our water systems or seeping into our soil because of residents like you.

Now you ask, how can I help? It’s simple, bring your household chemicals to our facility for disposal instead of throwing them in your trash.  This alone will ensure our local water systems and landfills are not polluted with household chemicals.  You may be wondering how to even get started. The good news about Earth Day is that it is right in time for Spring cleaning.  This may be the perfect opportunity for you to organize your garage or that cabinet under your sink and bring your unused and used items to the Williamson County Recycle Center .  Below are some helpful tips and articles on how to get your areas organized that contain household chemicals.


Tip #1:  Only buy enough household chemicals/materials for the job and always shop with us first.  The Williamson County Recycle Center has a Re-use program that allows citizens to shop at our facility for free.  You are allowed to come get products off our shelves.

Tip#2:  Store all chemicals in the original container.  Not only will this prevent accidental consumption or misuse, it will also allow the chemicals to be disposed of properly.

Store All Chemicals in the original container

Store all chemicals in the original container. Not only will this prevent accidental consumption or misuse, it will also allow the chemicals to be disposed of properly.

Tip #3:  Re-purpose empty coffee cans as miniature recycling centers.

Tip #3: Re-purpose empty coffee cans as miniature recycling centers

Tip #3: Re-purpose empty coffee cans as miniature recycling centers


Tip #4:  Store your spray-paints in a shoe organizer.

This article was written by Kelley Tidwell.

Source:  38 Borderline Genius Ways To Organize Your Garage
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