Computer Recycling

Computer recycling has helped reduce contamination of third world countries and landfills. When Williamson County Recycle Center first opened we accepted Electronic Waste (E-Waste) for recycle.  This was due to no options in the area that were neither feasible nor accessible.  In 2011, Texas passed E-Waste Legislation that required Computer Manufacturers to take back their computers and computer accessories.  Dell Computer in partnership with Goodwill industries formed a take back program that  made recycling computers extremely feasible.  After the changes were made we elected to no longer accept E-Waste. This was for two reasons first we charged and felt it was a better to direct people to Goodwill for free and second Goodwill has more locations making it more convenient.

Goodwill Industries has a great program that helps communities on multiple levels.  First it provides a great service but they also employ and train individuals giving them a trade.  If you have any E-Waste contact your local Goodwill.  Goodwill will take items such as TV’s, computers, keyboards, mouses, cameras, phones, etc. that qualify as E-Waste. Please assist with Computer Recycling.

However if you have chemicals and chemical products that are no longer needed we are your most convenient and easiest facility to use.  We are open more hours then most facilities state wide. We also accept many items that other facilities do not.  We service an area of Williamson, Travis, Milam, Burnet, and Bell counties however TCEQ has directed people from as far away as Van Zandt County to our facility.  We can not advertise in areas out side of our area but if a person comes to our facility we can accept it.  We constantly look for ways to provide a service that helps the public with everyday problems.

Many people buy a home only to discover they have been left with paint, cleaners, Flammables, poisons, etc. and have no idea what to do. We are your solution for these problems.  Perhaps you have lived in a house and have accumulated items over the term of living there and need to clean up.  We are here to help you.  Please visit our Pricing and Map pages for more information.

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