Christmas Light Recycling

Christmas Light Recycling is now available! Have you plugged in your Christmas lights only to find out they aren’t working? Do you have old lights that you no longer want? Do they no longer meet the theme you have? The City of Georgetown kicked off a Christmas light recycling program this year from November 27, 2017 through January 31, 2018. We are proud to be participating in this free program to assist you with problems you might have. Christmas lights when not properly disposed of means we are wasting metal, glass and plastic that could be recycled. Texas Disposal Systems recently purchased a piece of equipment that makes this program a possibility. With the City of Georgetown, Williamson County Recycle Center, and Texas Disposal Systems all working in conjunction it allows for more impact to be made and future generations to benefit greatly. A landfill at some point in the future will be an issue that the kids and grand kids of this generation will have to deal with. The more we can divert the less likely it is for future generation to deal with our issue.

Christmas Light Recycling

Christmas Light Recycling made easy for you!

Williamson County Recycle Center was founded for a similar reason. PA-jer Company, our parent company, was inundated with phone calls asking how people could responsibly deal with chemicals. We understood that if people did not have a solution than pollution would occur. So we found a way for responsible disposal in a timely manner. WCRC accepts more chemicals then one day collections and cheaper than chemicals can be bought.

If you are a city of Georgetown or Hutto customer and are bringing your Christmas Lights out, take time before hand to clean out your garage of unwanted chemicals and pick up a voucher. Outside the city limits of Georgetown or Hutto, please visit our price page for the cost services.  However you to can bring your Christmas lights to us for free. Christmas light recycling can make a difference!

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