Accepted Chemicals

Accepted chemicals at Williamson County Recycle Center is very diverse. We try to be a full service location for household chemicals. Many households have chemicals and do not even know the dangers they may contain. Some chemicals are now referred to as organic, non toxic, biodegradable, new and improved, environmentally friendly, and so forth. These terms do not mean that a chemical is safe or does not present dangers.

Reuse Items

Just a few items we see.

Here is a list of different items we take. Please understand that while this is a partial list there are many things that are not mentioned by name. For pricing please visit our price page, and if you live in Hutto or Georgetown please look at their HHW program pages. If you wish to take advantage of their programs you must get a Voucher from the City before coming to our facility. For a map to our facility please visit our Contact Us page.


Accepted Chemicals:
Aerosols Oil Based Paint Latex Paint
Acrylic Paint Paint Thinners Acetone
Solvents Flammable Liquids Gasoline
Roofing Cement Flammable Solids Fireplace Logs
Pool Chemicals Oxidizers Chlorinating Tablets
Pesticides Herbicides Bug Killer
Total Yard Kill Rat/Mice Kill Wasp/Hornet Spray
Ant Killer Banned Pesticides DDT
Dursban@ Lindane@ Diazinon@
pool pH plus Pool pH Minus Muratic Acid
Rust Remover Acid Liquids Bleach
multi-purpose cleaners Shower Cleaner Household Cleaners
Caustic Chemicals Corrosive Solids Drain Cleaners
Floor Cleaners Ammonia Window Cleaners
Fertilizers Liquid Fertilizers Solid Soil Activators
Nitrates Cooking Oil Animal Deterrents
Nonhazardous Liquids Nonhazardous Solids Wood Cleaners
Florescent Bulbs CFL’s U-Bend Bulbs
Incandescent Bulbs Ballasts Batteries

Not Accepted Chemicals:
Explosives Ammunition Flares
Pharmaceuticals Prescriptions Drugs
Gas Cylinders Oxygen Acetylene
Biowaste Sharps Blood
Radioactive Smoke Detectors

Chemicals generated from a business are not accepted at Williamson County Recycle Center. If you have any questions concerning accepted chemicals please Contact Us. Williamson County Recycle Center appreciates the continued business and trust in handling your household chemicals. We look forward to solving any chemical issues you may have.

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